5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Content Isn’t Converting

real estate content

real estate contentOnline marketing is a necessary focus, no matter what business a person owns. Real estate sales pros tend to make some very common mistakes.

By reversing these mistakes and putting out dynamite real estate content, these same professionals will have access to creative advertising strategies, an increase in ROI and greater sales as a whole.

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Read below and apply these five probable reasons your real estate content isn’t getting the results it should. These tips will transform the way real estate pros put out content, whether the specialty is condo sales, vacation homes or any other facet of the field.

Let’s take a look.

Reason #1: The real estate content isn’t telling a story

Real estate pros that aren’t telling stories are getting left behind. Since buying a home is every bit as much a sentimental purchase as it is a business transaction, marketers need to advertise homes so that the buyer envisions their lifestyle when owning that home.

When creating blogs, vlogs, podcasts and other great real estate content, be sure to talk about the overall experience of living in the city, raising a family in the neighborhood and embracing local business ventures.

Reason #2: People can’t find the content

Embracing every social media platform is critical for powerful ROI. Since the common consumer uses YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, marketing content needs to have a presence on these platforms.

This is impactful, because people use different social media platforms for different reasons, so the marketing content should be tailored for the user experience of each.

Reason #3: The visuals aren’t up to par

Today’s person has an attention span of 8.25 seconds — which is approximately 4 seconds shorter than in the year 2000. Because of this, marketers need to create visual content whenever possible.

When creating text based content, paragraphs need to be short, no more than a few sentences. This prevents blocks of text, which the average reader won’t stick around for in many cases. Brevity is crucial when creating text as well.

Make sure that the visuals are engaging so that people feel drawn to the real estate content. When taking a great profile photo, set up lighting and wardrobe to create an inviting experience, and use a high-quality DSLR camera to get the best quality images.

Check out Whistler Condos as an example of high-resolution photos that truly sell a property:


Reason #4: The content is not providing value

So much marketing content is ask, ask, ask. While driving home the sale is crucial, it’s necessary to provide value first.

People are conditioned to tune out hard sales, thanks to years of annoying pop-ups. To cut through the noise, real estate pros will need to bring the users to them by giving them great information or entertainment.

Maintaining a blog of video channel opens the door for great sales down the road since trust and value are already ingrained.

Reason #5: Widen the net

Too many people hone in on one type of customer. When selling houses, content can be targeted to young singles, families, travelers and elderly people alike.

It’s all about researching the trends among different demographics. This way, the trends will dictate the topics that are written about for blogs or spoken about in video content.

These five reasons explain why so much content falls flat. Consider these tips and start crafting some useful strategies.