5 Reasons to Avoid Complex Blogger Logos

blogger logo

blogger logoAs a new blogger, it’s easy to get caught up in the design aspects of your website. However, while an original layout that’s easy to navigate will attract readers, a complex blogger logo is the last thing you need.

While it’s true that a great logo will make your blog stand out from the crowd, a simpler, more timeless logo is far more effective than anything too complicated.

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Here are five reasons to avoid complex logos and how to find the right logo for your blog.

1. Hard To Recognize

You’ve chosen a great name for your blog, but the perfect logo can help you attract people scrolling through their social media feeds at 100 mph. It might even hook in a new reader if they like what they see from a quick click on your blog.

However, if your blogger logo is complex and hard to recognize, it loses the chance to make a good first impression on potential new readers. If people can’t tell what your logo is then they’re less likely to want to investigate further.

An easily recognizable logo should prioritize the name of your blog and a reference to what your blog is about if possible.

A great way to find the right logo for your blog is to create a DIY logo using a logo generator. The process is simple and the results are effective.

2. Lack Clarity

An overly complicated logo also lacks clarity, leading potential readers to assume that your blog content is also unclear and unfocused.

Many blogs will evolve over time to include a variety of content topics but your name, logo and overall brand image should stay consistent. Your blog logo should reflect the core values and ideas that you intend to bring to the blogging world.

It might be difficult viewing your blog as a brand when you first start out. But, as your online presence grows it’s important to refer back to the original aim of your blog. Your logo is the consistent visual representation of that aim so make sure it’s clear and simple and gets your message across.

3. Not Versatile

Complex logos also lack the simplicity to be versatile across different mediums and smaller fonts.

When creating a blogger logo you have to think about how it translates to smaller screens, as many of your readers will choose to read your blog on their phone. If you include your logo on social media then the size could be reduced even more, leaving your logo illegible.

You may also want to print business cards for industry events, or could even expand into producing your own merchandise. A simple logo will have the same impact no matter the size or where it appears.

4. Doesn’t Stand the Test of Time

If you look at the logo evolution of famous companies it’s clear that more complex logos often become streamlined into more simplistic designs over time.

Your complex blogger logo might seem fun and fresh now, but will it seem dated in a few years?

It might be hard to think so far ahead when you’re just starting out on your blog, but creating a timeless blogger logo will save you from having to redesign your logo in the future.

You can inject color and personality into your blog’s photos, content and social media accounts, but keep your logo design minimal so as to maintain the consistency of your blogger brand.

5. Not Memorable

And, last but definitely not least, a complicated logo might look impressive but it will be hard for visitors to your blog to familiarize themselves with it.

Potential readers will be more likely to trust and take interest in your blog if they recall your logo from previous visits, or from seeing it on social media.

Simple logos are much easier to remember and create an instant connection to the brand they represent.

Keep Your Blogger Logo Simple for Maximum Effect

Now you know the many reasons to avoid choosing a complex logo for your blog, it should be crystal clear why less is more when it comes to your blogger logo.

Does your blog have a logo? Or are you stuck trying to figure out your logo design? Let us know by commenting below.