5 Real Estate Content Marketing Strategies for Blogs

real estate content marketing

real estate content marketingDo you need more readers for your real estate blog?

Then you need a real estate content marketing strategy! Content marketing is key to getting more readers for your blog, which translates into more leads and potential buyers.

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Having a great real estate blog is all about having the right approach. With a good strategy, you can generate those leads and get more readers for your realty blog easily.

We’ve broken the system down into 5 simple steps for excellent content marketing. Read on to find out how you can get started.

5 Key Real Estate Content Marketing Strategies

1. Start With a Plan

If you don’t have a content marketing plan, your marketing is going to be all over the place.

Customers and readers can tell if you are just pushing out random posts with no strategy. To get their attention, you need to be organized and market in a smart way that tells a story.

Decide exactly what your goals are, and you’ll be able to tell how to execute them. Is your goal to build client rapport? Or is it to attract new potential clients?

Maybe your goal is to strategically build partnerships with other businesses or to boost your SEO.

No matter what, having a clearly defined goal will help you develop an appropriate strategy. Figure out what you want your blog to accomplish, and then you can create the blog around that goal.

2. Decide on Content

Not all blogs are the same, and there are many different kinds of content that you can publish. Which will you choose?

In the real estate world, long, descriptive written blog posts aren’t always the way to go. People often just want to see photos of potential new homes or take a video tour with a realtor. Consider how your blog can best meet those needs.

3. Find Resources

Once you have your plan and content type in mind, it’s time to figure out how you will execute that plan.

For example, if you want beautiful, professional video tours, you’ll need the budget to hire a videographer. You’ll always need someone with good writing and editing capabilities to do the word-smithing of the blog. Look at your team and see what you can work with, and who else you might need.

4. Determine Measurements

If you don’t measure the success (or failure) of your real estate content marketing efforts, they serve no purpose.

It’s impossible to tell what’s working and what isn’t without a way to measure success. Decide how you are going to do so. Will you use Google Analytics to tract visitors to your site? Or maybe you’ll measure success by the number of new leads you get in a a month.

5. Get Started

Once you’re ready to get started, it’s important to hit the ground running and stay organized.

Make a goal for how many blog posts you will publish each week, and stick to it. Get the information out on social media. Connect with clients by getting testimonials and referrals. And watch the new leads pour in!

Wrapping Up

With these real estate content marketing strategies, you can meet your real estate goals easily.

The hardest part is getting started. Once you have your strategy in place, though, your content marketing blog is sure to take off. Just use these five steps to get the leads and readers that you want.

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