5 Popular Web Plugins to Transform A WordPress Site into A Gaming Portal

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Are you looking to increase traffic and page views on your site?

Then convert it into an online game portal!

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Transforming your site might sound like a task fit for website developers but it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is use web plugins.

Just plug in the plugin, and your visitors can start playing games.

Web Plugins Keep Your Visitors Engaged

And engaged visitors will stay on your site for longer amounts of time. Adding gaming is a great way to do this. Just take a look at popular sites like https://mobilegamerhub.com/ – a fan site network just for mobile gamers.

The following five WordPress web plugins are great for turning your blog into an online game portal. And they’re easy to install too.

1. Achievements for WordPress

Do you want to transform your entire WordPress site into a game? Then Achievements for WordPress is for you.

This free game plugin awards your frequent visitors by giving them the feeling that they’re in an RPG game. And it works great with some of the most popular plugins around WordPress like BuddyPress, BuddyStream, bbPress, Invite Anyone, coursewa.re, WP e-Commerce and WP-PostRatings.

That means you can give titles and badges to your visitors each time they make a purchase – or even a comment. Then they can share their achievements on their social networks.

There’s even the possibility that the plugin will help you promote your content easier.

2. My Arcade Plugin

Once you navigate through the easy and quick setup for this plugin, all you need to do is decide how to and where from you want to publish flash games.

There are some limitations with the free version. But if you decide to purchase this plugin, you’ll have access to games from 12 different game distributors like Big Fish Games, Scirra, Kongregate, Spill Games and others which get you over 70,000 games.

You can easily manage your games, add them to your site, embed one by providing a code or even upload games on your server. This plugin can also generate descriptions so you don’t have to.

3. Advanced Steam Widget- WordPress Plugin

This game plugin allows you to show Steam gaming statistics in your blog. Just add the widget to display your Steam gaming statistics and you’re ready to go. Plus, it incorporates caching to ensure your site performs well and makes it less susceptible to Steam outages or errors.

Advanced Steam Widget offers four presets:

  • Profile Only, Small or Profile + Games
  • Games Only
  • Games Grid
  • Full-page Profile

4. WP Shuffle Puzzle

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. And the simplicity of Shuffle Puzzle makes for a nice add-on to your site.

There are different types of puzzles where the image on your site is broken into pieces and shuffled around with one piece left off. You can even add a timer to make the game more challenging.

Plus, visitors can choose difficulty levels.

You can customize the puzzles – picking the number of pieces to play with and changing the background color. And since the plugin is responsive, it translates to different screen sizes.

5. Multiplayer Games Plugin

Whether you’re just starting a blog or working with a well-established site, adding online role-playing is an amazing way to build a fan base. This free WordPress plugin allows you to easily do this.

Once you install the plugin, all you have to do is use the shortcode to make a list of the available games on your site. Then you can further customize that list by displaying only the games you like.

And from there, you can even change their descriptions and make new ones.

So Are You Ready to Play?

Your visitors are!

Take advantage of these awesome WordPress web plugins to drive more visitors to your site – and keep them there!

And be sure to check out our guides for starting a blog or a website!