5 People Who Are Shining in the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Space

Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Are you looking to be inspired by leaders in the healthcare entrepreneurship space?

Healthcare entrepreneurship is a widely growing field, with people creating new subfields every day. There are tons of innovative creative people out there doing inspiring work.

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Here is a sampling of five trailblazers in the healthcare entrepreneurship space.

1. Joel Gibbard

Prosthetics are a very pricey piece of equipment, which require a lot of technical skill to fit and create. That’s why Joel Gibbard started Open Bionics, to design comfortable and affordable prosthetics that work for a wide range of children and adults.

The company raised over 4 million pounds in Series A funding in 2019. They have partnered with Disney to make specially-themed prosthetics for kids. It’s truly a great cause that improves the lives of tons of people worldwide.

2. Karima Ladhani

Babies are expensive, right? They come with a lot of extra costs, which can be even more significant for women living in poverty. Karima Ladhani used a model created by the Finnish government to start Barakat Bundle.

Barakat Bundle helps new moms and pregnant women in South Asia. Women are provided a starter kit to help them take care of their newborn children, as long as they give birth at a healthcare center. It’s a truly innovative way to improve healthcare outcomes in the area.

3. Dr. Dan Schneider

Dr Dan Schneider and his work has been featured on NBC, Fox, USA Today, ABC, and more. Schneider’s work focuses on mentoring and empowering other healthcare professionals to get into entrepreneurship. Dr. Schneider helps healthcare professionals learn the ropes and acquire what it takes to succeed in the world of healthcare entrepreneurship.

Dr. Schneider has a ton of experience, as he’s worked in the field for over ten years, and consults at dozens of clinics throughout the United States.

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4. Dr. Jessica Beard and Michael Ohene-Yeboah

A lack of trained surgeons is a major problem in Ghana. Dr. Beard and Ohene-Yeboah designed a way to teach healthcare professionals who are not surgeons to conduct hernia repairs, one of the most common medical conditions in the world.

This strategy allows lives to be saved quickly and efficiently. Their work with the Ghana Hernia Society could eventually save hundreds or thousands of lives, if the strategy is widely implemented across the country. 

5. Dr. Rodger Novak

Novak co-founded CRISPR Therapeutics with Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Shaun Foy, a company you may have heard of. CRISPR research gene-editing techniques, and hopes to eventually eliminate genetic diseases like Huntington’s Disease.

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The company uses CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing to literally change DNA structures. CRISPR could, one day, save literally millions of lives. Dr. Novak currently serves on the company’s board, so he’ll definitely involved in future innovations.

Healthcare Entrepreneurship Today

There are tons of other healthcare entrepreneurs out there whose work you can discover. So many people are doing interesting things in the healthcare entrepreneurship space — just do your research and read up!

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