5 Office Moving Tips When Looking to Expand Your Blog Business

office with moving boxes

By 2020, experts predict the number of bloggers in the United States to reach 31.7 million.

While not all of those bloggers create profitable businesses, some will. If you’ve recently started a blog and watched your traffic steadily rise, it’s time to get serious with your blog business.

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If you are looking to expand your blog into a bigger site with more writers, moving into a bigger office is essential. Keep reading for four office moving tips.

1. Find the Perfect Space

Most blogs start as remote ventures in someone’s home office. But as your blog business grows, you add on staff members and grow out of the spare bedroom. The time has come to find the perfect space for your growing business.

When choosing the perfect space for your offices, consider what your company will look like in five years. Do you anticipate adding more members to your team? What about a whole new video or sales department?

Make sure you find a space big enough to handle these additions, so you don’t need to move again in five years.

Also, look for an office that speaks to your blog’s brand. If you’re a sustainable living business, find a green space that uses renewable energy. If you share the simple life of country living through your content, avoid an urban office in the big city.

2. Give Staff a Say

When moving to a new location, it’s important to give your staff a say in the process.

These staff members are the heart and soul of your blog, and you want your business to remain successful and happy. To do that, your staff members need to feel valued.

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So if your top writer thinks a large window would help their creativity, make it a priority. Or if your graphic designer likes to work in a quiet space, make sure your new office has a secluded area specifically for them.

3. Label and Pack Safely

Moving into an office is a lot like moving into a new home. The two most important things to remember is labeling and packing safely.

Pack like items together and label all boxes clearly. This keeps the moving process organized and efficient. Keep your office supplies separate from your coffee bar ingredients.

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Packing items safely is especially important when moving office equipment. You’ve invested a lot of money into your computers, printers, and other items of technology — so take the time to pack them safely and securely.

Make sure you have an ample supply of bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and newspaper. These will come in handy!

4. Ask for Help

And our final tip for moving to a new location is asking for help.

Create a party for your moving day. Invite your staff members, their families, and all your friends to join in on the work. Provide food, drinks, and good music to make the job more bearable.

And when asking for help isn’t enough, hire help to get the job done right. Professional moving companies like brookstransfer.com in Virginia make sure the job gets done right.

The Office Moving Is Done, Now Get Back to Work

Using these four tips, your office moving will be a breeze.

Once your office is settled, and your staff is happy, it’s time to get back to work. With the updated space, your blog business can become more efficient and reach a broader audience.

For tips to help you manage your growing blog, bookmark this site, and visit often.

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