5 Mechanic Blogs All Auto Repair Shops Should Follow

mechanic blog

mechanic blogDo you own an auto repair shop or have an interest in car repair?

Does cleaning up cars, performing oil changes, and perfecting your detailing skills sound like something you would love to learn more about?

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Stay up to date on car industry news. Look no further than at our detailed post outlining the best mechanic blog pages to follow in 2017.

1. Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog

With over 600,000 Facebook fans, the team at Eastwood can tell you all about cars. From in-depth video tutorials to advice on car repairs, Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog is a great choice to follow.

Eastwood is located in Pennsylvania, so if you live in that region of the country, make this blog your top pick. They also post once a week for optimal updates.

2. Advance Auto Parts – DIY Blog

Another mechanic blog to follow is Advance Auto Parts. Some of their best pages to explore are their “Car 101” page and “How-Tos” that outline dozens of helpful articles.

The community page features posts written by the Advance Team. The team is always posting new content to discuss the latest car news.

From learning how to use a car jack to understanding how to clean your car’s upholstery, Advance Auto Parts can guide you through it all. Their list of do-it-yourself articles is what makes this blog so informative.

3. Be Car Care Aware Blog

If you want to keep your car safe while on the road, the Be Car Care Aware blog provides videos on how to properly maintain your vehicle. There are also videos on how to shop in an auto parts store, and learning how to buy the right parts to fix your car up. If you need to check BMW transmission codes, mechanic blogs can assist you.

This blog features a “Go Green” tab on its homepage, too. The website wants to encourage drivers to think about going green. There are steps that you can take right now to have a “greener” car.

Some highlights from the Be Car Care Aware blog include the following tips:

  1. Turning your air conditioner off when you can
  2. Use cruise control features
  3. End aggressive driving habits which can lead to a loss of fuel efficiency
  4. Clean out your car so you drive with a lighter load
  5. Have proper tire pressure levels
  6. Drive at the speed limit

4. Humble Mechanic

The humble mechanic is also better known as Charles, who is equipped with the best knowledge to give you honest reviews on everything that has to do with car repair. He also happens to be a Certified Volkswagen Mechanic, too. You can trust his opinions, as many of his followers do.

He publishes quirky podcasts that cover everything from viewer questions about mechanic tools to performing DIYs on cars. His blog is also popular with over 20,000 Facebook likes and frequent posts. Give him a try the next time you want to learn more about car repair.

5. The Car Talk Mechanic Blog

One final mechanic blog that may interest you is called Car Talk. What started out as a radio broadcast has turned into an online website to discuss cars. Industry experts are featured on the show.

On this blog, you will hear all about the latest car models to be released, as well as tips on owning and buying a car. Buying a car can be tricky if you are not up to date with your finances. Our advice is to build up some extra cash to have more options when it comes to purchasing a new car.

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