5 Important Tips for Starting a Fitness Blog

starting a fitness blog

starting a fitness blogWhen you need to start making moves toward the entrepreneur life, you need to focus on areas of value. When you provide value and use some strategy, you’ll always be able to earn money.

If you have a passion for fitness and health, think about starting a fitness blog. When you start a fitness blog, you are providing motivation and information that will help people live longer and happier.

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Fitness blogging is a great idea, but you also need to execute by making your blog as effective and attractive as possible.

Let’s explore the following five tips, in order to get started with your fitness blog today.

1. Focus on Impactful Storytelling When Starting a Fitness Blog

The matter how you slice it, entrepreneurship is a storytelling medium. By operating a fitness blog, you’ll be able to not only let people know why health and nutrition are important, but you can share impactful stories.

Use starting a fitness blog as a means to become impeccable with your writing. Start writing catchy and creative intros that lay problems, with the promise of solving them. A great introduction with a hook, statistics, and brevity is your bread and butter when writing blog posts.

Bring it home with real-life examples and testimonials that strike a chord emotionally.

2. Make Your Blog As Interactive as Possible

Today, the best thing you can do is encourage people to post, share ideas and spread your links. Set your blog up with interactivity to encourage people to form a community, rather than just reading your content.

Consider adding a forum to your blog. Owning a forum makes your blog more SEO friendly, helps to retain visitors, builds a potentially lifelong community and creates a base of people to sell products to.

Your form visitors can hold their own fitness challenges and give each other accountability and motivation. Knowing you started this community is incredibly rewarding.

3. Create Excellent Multimedia Content For Your Fitness Blog

Since people take in more video content than ever, you’ll want to add it to your blog from the onset.

Adding a video of you demonstrating an exercise to accompany your instructions will help people learn quicker and appreciate your content more. Getting into the habit of producing videos also ramps up your presentation ability, which will be useful if you want to start holding seminars and selling programs.

When people trust your content, you’ll be able to bring in residual income — like how Ryan Spiteri has built a brand with his 8 Weeks Transformation program.

4. Share Your Own Goals and Progress

When starting a fitness blog, your main motivation should be to let other people watch you get better. The entire web is part of your accountability group when you put your goals out there and show people how you’ll get it done.

This also makes you more authoritative, which is key for any blog author.

5. Always Add More Content

Make sure you’re familiar with the blogging platform, so that you feel comfortable posting as much as you can. Posting increases your Google rank and trains people to visit your blog over and over again.

The sooner you build a reserve of powerful, impactful content, the more wealth of information you give new users to binge on as well.

So what are you waiting for? Put these five tips to action and get started with your fitness blog today!