5 Ideas to Inspire Content for Your Hotel Blog

hotel blog

hotel blogA hotel blog can be an excellent way to attract potential customers, but coming up with content can be difficult.

Simply having a website isn’t enough to book your rooms solid–you’ll need to give them a little taste of what makes your place extra special–be it an unforgettable dining experience, breathtaking views, or unique, themed hotel rooms.

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Below, we’ve listed five ideas that’ll drum up some serious inspiration for your hotel blog.

1. Show Off What Makes You Unique

Your hotel blog is a great way for you to talk about what sets you apart, but the visuals may be able to do a better job attracting visitors.

Take pictures that go beyond the expected glimpses into the rooms—taking pictures of real patrons hanging out at the pool or your on-site bar.

Include quotes from visitors around the world, showcase the fantastic view of the beach or the mountains—you name it.

Take a cue from Howie’s Homestay, a luxury resort in Thailand. They’ve opted to showcase the lush environment right at their fingertips—giving prospective guests a little taste of the experience to come.

The point is, showing potential visitors a little glimpse into the experience they could be having can help pique interest.

But, it should go without saying—if you’re incorporating images, don’t skimp on quality, hire a photographer.

2. Turn Reviews and Testimonials into Great Content

If you’re in the hospitality business, reviews are no small thing. Rather than run away from the negative, use any lackluster reviews or pieces of criticism as a way to increase engagement.

Address customer concerns in a question and answer-style blog or use negative comments as inspiration for new developments at the hotel.

From a positive angle—highlight happy customers!

We’re not suggesting you turn reviews and comments into a blog post verbatim, but inviting travelers to talk about their trip experience can bring new voices into the fold—not to mention, inspire prospective guests to plan a similar journey.

A word to the wise—don’t post testimonials too often—you may come off as overly spammy—a major turn off for guests looking for an authentic experience.

3. Highlight Events and Attractions on Your Hotel Blog

Help travelers out by giving them some cool ideas of things to do during their stay. Give them the local perspective on upcoming festivals and local music offerings, free nights at the museum nearby, plays, productions and craft fairs.

Moreover, local blog posts are great for Google’s local SEO function—done well, these can boost your search rankings, opening yourself up for more traffic—and hopefully, more bookings.

4. Dive Into the Culinary Scene

Everybody loves a good meal or that insider tip on which wine bars have the best specials and the best vibe. We’d suggest reviewing local spots—from that hole in the wall brunch place to that artisanal pizza spot perfect for a pie and a beer after a long day of exploring.

5. Include Some Travel Tips

As a hotel, you’ll have some insight on what people need to bring in order the make the most out of their stay.

Go into depth—discuss the weather and help potential visitors come up with an efficient packing list.

You can also help people out by providing information on how to get to key destinations and local attractions, as well as weed out the tourist traps and help people find the authentic hidden gems they crave as they explore new territory.

Finally, Be Helpful

Sure, the point of having a hotel blog is to book those rooms. But, be sure you use this platform to post content that helps people learn more about the hotel, as well as what the locality has to offer.

If you need help getting started, check out our step-by-step blogging guide that’ll get you up to speed in no time.