5 Hidden Secrets of the Best Parenting Blogs

best parenting blogs

best parenting blogs You’ve teetered back and forth, but now you’ve finally decided.

It’s time for a new addition to the family!

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But this doesn’t come wrapped in a soft, cuddly blanket. This one is wrapped in words.

It’s your blog.

You’ve done the research and you know that blogging has some long-term benefits: it’s excellent to add to your resume, it’s a fantastic way to meet new people with similar passions, and it can turn into a legitimate source of income.

To be successful in the “Mommy Blogosphere” it’s a good idea to research what some of the best parenting blogs did to build a foundation.

Here are a few secrets to help you get excited about starting your blog today.

Secret One: Blogging is Not a Fad or Trend

Blogging is a serious business opportunity.

Why do you think there are over 30 million people blogging in the United States alone?

Bloggers are in high demand because companies are realizing that the mantra “content is king” is for real.

Just because you didn’t get in on it years ago, doesn’t mean you should walk around feeling like you’ve missed the boat. The internet is a giant cruise ship and there are plenty of staterooms still available.

Book yours now.

Secret Two: You Know Things No One Else Knows

You have something to share.

Regardless of what parenting path you currently find yourself, no one else in the world has had your experiences. No one else is going through exactly what you are. That’s the beauty of our human uniqueness.

Maybe you have twins or a special needs child. Maybe you adopted a child from another country.

Perhaps you worked with a company such as ConceiveAbilities due to infertility issues. Oh, then, Boom! You had a child when you were told you couldn’t.

You have stories, fresh insights, even questions. Put them out into the blogosphere with a unique spin. It’s what the best parenting blogs are all about.

Secret Three: You’ll Always Have an Audience

Do you know what happens 255 times every minute? (You’ve probably figured it out since we’re talking parenting.) A child is born.

That’s over 350,000 new bubbling bundles of bawling bliss every day.

What automatically comes along with those babies?


It’s the simple economics of supply and demand. Talk about cornering a market!

Secret Four: It’s Easier to Get Started Than You Think

Even if you’re fairly new to the idea of blogging, you’ve most likely heard of WordPress. That’s one of the many options available that are quick and easy to set-up.

Check out our guide that takes you step-by-step through setting up your own blog. You’ll finish feeling encouraged by how simple it really is.

Secret Five: It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Wait, what?

Isn’t this the opposite of Secret #4?

Well, not really. Read on.

Developing a blog that attracts readers, followers, influencers, and possible product endorsement requires commitment. A serious commitment to stay the course.

The majority of the top parenting blogs did not become a huge success overnight. In fact, a lot of them began as a way to keep in touch with distant relatives or as a personal journal.

Here are a few tips from some of the more successful parent bloggers:

  • Be helpful
  • Stay engaged
  • Respond quickly to comments
  • Add photos

As long as you stay involved, your readership will continue to grow.

Some of the Best Parenting Blogs are Yet to Come

Yours can be one of them!

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