5 Expert Tips on How to Monetize Your Betting Blog

betting blog

betting blogThere are a ton of great reasons to start a blog… especially a betting blog if it’s something you’re passionate about!

People love to read — and gather relevant information — from blogs. In fact, blogs have been rated the third most trusted source of information on the internet!

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It’s no wonder there are a ton of people subscribing to their favorite blogs each day. But in the end, keeping up with writing can be a lot of work. The natural next step is to start monetizing your betting blog… so it’s worth your time and upkeep.

Here are the top five tips to take your blog from a hobby to a great source of extra income.

5 Expert Tips: Monetize Your Betting Blog

1. Set Up Relevant Affiliates

Affiliate linking doesn’t have to be spammy. The common misconception is that having affiliate links makes you less credible. But this can be avoided.

When choosing affiliates to reach out to, make sure they’re relevant to your niche. No one who’s reading your betting blog wants to see an affiliate link for a lingerie store! The links need to make sense and ultimately benefit your reader, in order to avoid losing loyal subscribers.

Remember, you’re writing for them. Not yourself.

2. Create a Digital Product to Sell

You’ve undoubtedly purchased a digital product. An e-book, online course, whitepaper: there are a ton of useful products you can create using your expertise. Then sell it to your readers.

3. Accept Donations

When you make a website, it’s rare that you’ll consider adding a “donations” button in your menu bar. But it can be a great way to collect a few extra dollars.

People who become regular followers won’t want to see your blog go under. You can lightly suggest donations at the end of posts or with a popup and let them know their donations help keep the blog going.

4. Collect Emails and Run Campaigns

Email campaigns are extremely successful at reminding people to come back to your blog for a visit. But you can’t use them if you don’t collect emails to begin with! You’ll have to get creative at lengthening your list in order to spread your reach.

There are several ways to do this. For example, if you go to Betting Gods website you can see a great example of a way to collect emails. They have a subscriber box in the sidebar as well as a popup that allows readers to enter their email — in exchange for free tips and great information!

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While this shouldn’t be used as the only way to bring in money, it’s a great way to provide some supplementary income on your blog.

Just make sure not to inundate your readers with in your face ads. Or they may stop coming back!

Get Blogging

You’re ready to set up your betting blog as a source of income. You don’t just have to write words and let them sit there. Make them work for you by monetizing your blog following the five expert tips in this article.

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