5 eLearning Blogs to Follow If You Want to Become an Expert

fotolia 104752750 subscription monthly m

fotolia 104752750 subscription monthly mDo you want to become an eLearning expert?

No matter what the industry, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends. Elearning is no different.

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Elearning became a $107 billion dollar industry in 2015, and it’s continuing to grow fast. It can be difficult to keep up with the many developments that are happening in recent years.

Luckily, by regularly reading these 5 essential eLearning blogs you can stay on top of the most recent trends.

1. Shannon Tipton’s Learning Rebels Blog

Shannon is the owner of Learning Rebels Performance Consultancy and discusses a range of topics on her blog. She offers honest tips and discusses many common issues facing eLearning designers.

On the blog, she makes recommendations on reading materials, books, and sites. She also posts inspirational quotes from eLearning thought leaders and provides lessons learned from eLearning trade shows.

If you’re looking to keep up with the eLearning industry, you can’t do much better than Shannon Tipton’s blog.

2. Cathy Moore’s Blog

Cathy Moore is an internationally recognized training designer and thought leader, and she runs one of the best eLearning blogs on the web. Cathy’s blog offers a wealth of information for eLearning professionals.

Her blog promises to “save the world from boring training” and as a result, the blog contains plenty of excellent tips on eLearning design and development.

If you’re working to develop captivating and exciting learning materials that will be used by working adults, keeping up with Cathy’s blog is a must.

3. Torch LMS Blog

Torch LMS is an award-winning LMS software that was designed by and for workplace learning professionals. The company’s blog is an excellent resource that is filled with regular updates and industry tips.

On the blog, you’ll find plenty of information on corporate learning management systems (LMS). You can also read about leadership, design, development, and more.

If you visit the website you’ll find that it’s a great source of tips written by professionals, for professionals. Overall, the Torch LMS blog is an excellent resource that is great for adding to your RSS reader feed.

4. e-Learning Provocateur

Ryan Tracey is an eLearning Expert who boasts 10+ years of corporate eLearning and higher education experience. He’s also a former editorial board member of eLearning magazine.

On his blog, Tracey features tons of information that is great for eLearning professionals. His tips are thought-provoking and offered with a refreshing tone that is encouraging for readers.

5. Crag Weiss’s 24×7 Blog

Craig Weiss is a renowned eLearning guru who runs an excellent blog. He has a huge amount of experience and is well-respected in the industry.

On the 24×7 blog, he offers an excellent center of discussion and knowledge for eLearning professionals. Weiss also reviews many eLearning products and gives honest and helpful opinions on them.

He encourages discussion and questions, so if you’re looking for a resource that also functions as an active community, the 24×7 blog is for you.

Final Thoughts on eLearning Blogs

It’s important to not only have access to the latest eLearning technology but to also understand how to use it effectively.

It’s difficult to keep up with every new trend out there. However, these eLearning blogs will give you a huge amount of insight and a good chance at keeping up with the latest developments.

What are your favorite eLearning blogs? If you have a suggestion for our readers feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.

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