5 Creative Wedding Blog Ideas Brides Will Love

wedding blog ideas

wedding blog ideasThe wedding industry brings in $76 billion in revenue each year and is growing at 3% annually.

Want to cash in on this lucrative market? Wedding blogs are a great way to get started!

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As brides scour the internet for advice and tips on how to make the most important day of their lives as meaningful as possible, your voice could be the one they listen to.

Today, we’re discussing five creative wedding blog ideas that brides will love.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. Incorporating a Pet into the Wedding

Today, pets are more like children than animals. To that end, no wedding can take place without the children of the bride.

Social media outlets like Pinterest are buzzing with creative ways to incorporate a pet into a wedding.

Some couples train the family dog to be the ring bearer. Others bring the cat along for funny and unique wedding photos.

Since there are so many great ideas to choose from, this topic would make a great blog post. In addition, pet blogs have a loyal following and this topic would create crossover appeal.

2. Creating the Perfect Wedding Hashtag

One of the hottest trends in weddings is incorporating a social media hashtag into the big day.

Couples are creating witty hashtags and asking guests of the wedding to use them for social media posts. There are even websites that generate a hashtag based on the couple’s first and last names.

This creates a central repository of all the photos and congratulatory wishes that take place on the wedding day. It also allows the bride to search this hashtag in the future and quickly find wedding posts on social media.

A creative blog idea would be a listicle of the best wedding hashtags.

3. A How-To Guide for Incorporating Tech

The effective use of technology can turn a good wedding into a great one.

Some couples are renting digital photo booths that allow guests to instantly share photos to social media.

Videographers are developing same-day highlight videos for the bride and groom to show off at wedding’s end.

Now, DJs that just play music are a thing of the past. Entertainment companies can set the wedding party up with extravagant lighting, live karaoke, big screen televisions, and more. Discussing these options with blog readers could help them navigate their high-tech options.

4. Creative Ways to Save Money

The average wedding costs nearly $27,000. One of the most helpful wedding blog ideas would be to show brides a few ways they can cut this cost down.

This could be a wide-ranging, multi-post topic covering different areas to save.

For example, you could discuss that floral arrangements typically cost hundreds of dollars for each table, making them one of the highest wedding expenses.

As an alternative, online wedding companies like Sandsational Sparkle are marketing beautiful sand art vases to replace expensive floral centerpieces.

Bringing companies like these to the attention of brides could connect them with the resources they need to save big!

5. Re-Thinking Traditional Music

Another creative idea for a unique wedding is moving on from tired ceremonial music. A listicle of the best musical ideas makes for a great blog.

For instance, couples are hiring church choirs and violinists to play at the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Introduce your readers to an entirely new sound!

Ready to Share Your Wedding Blog Ideas?

The wedding industry is truly expansive and there are so many topics to cover. This creates a great opportunity to post creative blogs that target a wide range of brides.

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