5 Creative Tips for Creating a Fitness Market Blog

fitness market

fitness marketAre you intimidated by the idea of starting a fitness market blog?

Maybe you have the experience and knowledge it takes to advise the masses on health and fitness, but blogs are a foreign concept to you.

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If so, fear not: here are some creative ideas for you to build a blog around.

Create Your Brand Around A Story

What makes people (and brands) unforgettable?

The answer is a compelling story. Humans rally around unique, funny or endearing anecdotes. Thus, story branding is one of the strongest modern marketing tools.

What Makes You Memorable?

Do you work out with your kids?

Do you teach fitness classes at the local senior center?

Do you wear eccentric gym gear?

The Sock Dock gained a large following simply by incorporating his story into his brand and blog title.

He’s the chiropractor who goes barefoot or wears only socks in his practice. It makes him instantly recognizable. It also hooks his audience enough to pay attention to his actual content.

Build A Social Networking Community

How can you make your audience stick around once they visit your blog?

Interact with them from the get-go. Make them feel invested in your blog. Engage with them and build a social networking community.

In fact, your whole blog can become a social community. Instead of dispensing info to a passive audience, you can build each post as a forum thread.

Nerdfitness is a great example of a community blog. It’s made up of a group of fitness enthusiasts. While the blog is rich with info, it features a lot of interaction and discussion amongst members.

Do A Weekly Deals Theme

Have you thought about monetizing your blog?

It’s not too soon for your blog to pay off–literally. Planning a weekly theme, such as a deals post, is both creative and potentially lucrative.

The fitness market is saturated with equipment, dietary supplements, and meal plans geared toward weight loss. You can build your reputation around sifting through these products and services to find out which ones are worthwhile.

You can also become an affiliate of an E-commerce store:

  • Sign up with an online retailer affiliate program like Amazon.
  • Promote quality products (with savings) through your weekly deals post.
  • Feature your affiliate link to each product within the post.
  • If anyone purchases a product using your link, you’ll get paid.

Post Fitness Market Content That Stands Out

There is no shortage of boring, run-of-the-mill fitness blogs. What can you do to make your posts stand out?

Perhaps you can offer an unusual or innovative service. How about setting new trends with unique fitness niche resources?

The yoga video blog, Yoga|Merge, published a post about yoga for menstruation. It’s an eye-catching concept paired with a simple title that sparks curiosity.

While planning your posts, think of topics that are evergreen and can captivate your audience.

Encourage Feedback

When you’re at a loss for new topics, you might want to shy away from creating new posts.

Don’t give into this temptation. It’s way too easy to find yourself stuck in a case of writer’s block.

The most effective remedy for keeping your blog fresh and relevant is so simplistic, it might not even come to mind at first: ask your audience what to write about. Find out what they would like to see you post.

After all, a blog that caters to its audience is a blog with great traffic.

Don’t be shy to ask for your readers’ feedback. In fact, to get into the habit of doing so, ask for feedback at the end of every post. Remind your audience that your blog is actually theirs; you’re just there to facilitate it.

Ready To Start Your Blog?

Now that you know how to make your blog stand out, it’s time to add your two cents to the fitness market.

Proceed with passion and creativity, and feel free to reach out for more pointers. There’s no better time to start your new blog than right now.