5 Cool Hacks for WordPress You Need to Know for a Great Site

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Over 409 million people view WordPress blogs on a monthly basis. Learning cool hacks for WordPress will take your website to the next level.

In total, WordPress blogs get around 21.4 billion page views per month. WordPress is popular because it’s a user-friendly CSS. However, your blog is only a few simple hacks away from looking and functioning better than ever.

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You’ve worked hard on your web presence. You deserve a WordPress presence that outshines your competition.

Here are five WordPress hacks that will upgrade your blog in a flash.

1. Install A Plugin For SEO

SEO gives you in-depth information about your audience. A simple SEO plugin gives you more insight into your traffic volume, demographics, search terms, and behavior than you could ever guess by yourself.

That’s why it’s important to have an SEO plugin installed on your WordPress site, especially if you’re publishing blogs for business purposes. Yoast SEO and Google Analytics are the most popular SEO plugins out there.

2. Optimize The Footer

Your footer should contain fine print details like your copyright information. If the copyright in your footer is outdated, people will perceive your blog as unprofessional.

Fortunately, you can edit WordPress footer in multiple ways. For instance, you can edit the footer.php file directly. Access this file by going to “appearance” then “editor, then clicking on Theme Footer to edit footer.php right there.

The aforementioned link will give you more information about WordPress tips for editing the footer.

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3. Compress Images

If you’re looking for WordPress tips and tricks to make a page load faster, this is for you! Compressing your images means they’ll take less time to load. This optimizes your images for SEO.

There are free image compressors available on the internet. ImageCompressor.com is a good place to start.

If you enable a lazy loading plugin, images won’t load until a user scrolls onto them. This will decrease your page’s loading time even more, which also improves your SEO ranking.

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4. Show Post Excerpts In Your RSS Feed

There are even WordPress hacks to improve your RSS feed experience! Here’s a hack that will make your RSS feed show excerpts instead of full articles:

Go to the Settings page, then go to the Reading page. Scroll down to the “For each article in a feed, show” option and select summary.

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” afterward!

5. Sidebar Images

Some computer tricks and hacks are easier than you think. That includes adding sidebar images/widgets to WordPress.

First, upload your image to your site with the media uploader, then copy its URL. Afterward, go to Appearance then to Widgets. 

Next, add the following HTML inside your text widget of choice: <img src=”Paste image URL here” alt=”Alternate text” />

After you save your settings, preview your site and voila! There’s your new image/text combo.

Use These Cool Hacks To Your Advantage

WordPress powers 35.7 percent of all websites online. Knowing these five cool hacks will make your blog stand out more than ever.

Multipurpose WordPress themes are gaining popularity in 2020. They’re especially helpful and user-friendly, so consider getting one of your own.

Boost your brand—learn more about how to start a blog. It’ll benefit your business big time.

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