5 Content Takeaways from Top Renovation Bloggers

renovation bloggers

renovation bloggersThinking of starting your own renovation blog? Or, wondering why yours hasn’t taken off yet?

Finding your place among top renovation bloggers takes time. Your blog is like a job – it requires daily efforts, a strategy, and a support system. It’s more than the pretty pictures and witty captions, it’s a commitment.

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This may sound like a tall order, but think of it like a journey with no shortcuts.

To make it happen, get excited to do the work and don’t give up.

To get started, here are five key takeaways from renovation’s best bloggers.

1. They Know Their Specialty

The first thing to decide about your blog is the niche.

This means choosing the era of the homes you want to work on, like historic or even pre-colonial. The timing can also be more recent, since there are many homes out there in need of a facelift.

Or, it can mean owning a specific style of renovation and decor, no matter the space you are working on. This may work better, since it gives you creative freedom to take on any project and add your unique touch.

2. They Keep to a Theme

Just as you need a niche for your blog, you need a theme for the way it will be set up.

This is particularly important for displaying your work, whether on your site’s portfolio or your Instagram page.

A theme is part of your branding.

The way you edit, angle, and even caption a photo says a lot about your creative approach. It lets your skills shine beyond the renovation and helps improve brand recognition.

You can choose to change your theme with the seasons or over extended periods of time, but try to stick to it. A consistent theme will help fans recognize you as you become more popular among renovation bloggers.

3. They Make Topics Relatable

Once you’ve got the visual aspects of the work down, remember who your audience is.

Most people don’t consider themselves foundation repair pros or home decorating geniuses.

Also, many may not have access to the tools you do. People are still curious about everything from finding the perfect living room carpet to the right bedroom paint color, though.

They simply need to be able to understand what they’re looking at.

Post more than the picture. Use the caption to hook readers with DIY and how-to tips. This will get them excited to take on your style for themselves, and it shows you care.

4. They Market Hard!

To be a successful renovation blogger, understand the work doesn’t stop once your post is up.

Actually, this is when the real work begins. Building your blog fanbase and following takes the right online marketing efforts. It requires the skillful use of PPC and SEO strategies to boost traffic.

Eventually, you want people to either opt-in to an email list or shop on your site page. At the very least, make them emotionally buy-in to the brand. Get them excited for your next post and new ideas, and the real conversions will follow.

5. They All Started Somewhere

Speaking of building a big following, don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen right away.

Remember to get to over a million likes, you have to start with one. Use the immediate network of your friends, family, and coworkers to get initial interest. From there, let your passion do the talking (while you learn online marketing!).

At the end of the day, your blog is a space for you to create, just like a physical renovation project. The sooner you start, the faster you will reach your goals!

Join the Ranks of Top Renovation Bloggers

No matter where you are on your blogging journey, there are always new things to learn.

Whether it’s how to choose a domain or editing your web pages, we’ve got the tips you need. Just keep reading our blog!