5 Blogs to Follow for Nutrition Blog Post Inspiration

nutrition blog

If you’re passionate about health and wellness, you may want to consider starting a nutrition blog.

The Global Wellness Institute estimates the health and wellness industry has grown to over $3.72 trillion in 2016. With year over year growth of 10.6%, there’s still plenty of room in the industry to start a nutrition blog.

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The best way to start is by determining your area of focus. Focus on what you know best, and then start looking around the web to see what’s already out there.

We’ve put together a unique list of specific types of nutritional blogs and websites to excite you and inspire you. Check out our list below for some great ideas.

Food News Blogs

Marion Nestle is both a nutritionist and a scientist who focuses on food news. Her blog, Food Politics, covers everything from new FDA regulations to Belgium’s changes to their food pyramid.

Food Politics is always interesting and on the cutting edge of food and nutrition issues. Besides her own articles, Nestle offers a long list of links to other popular food and nutrition sites.

Diet-Specific Blogs

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or paleo, there’s a food blog for you. One of the best paleo food blogs out there for inspiration is Nom Nom Paleo.

Michelle Tam creates delicious and easy to make recipes in a fun comic-book style format. She also follows the hottest current cooking trends, like Instant Pot. Tam is also considered a paleo-point person. She has articles and interviews in many popular food magazines like Saveur, America’s Test Kitchen, and Serious Eats.

Supplement Blogs

Examine.com is “an independent and unbiased encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition.” Their site is simple and easy to use. Visitors can click on a certain supplement, like creatine or fish oil, to read a summary, things to note, the recommended dosage, and editor’s notes.

Examine.com does not advertise products or brands to ensure unbiased reporting. However, you can buy many of the supplements and vitamins they review and write about at Sportsfuel Supplements NZ.

Science-Focused Blogs

With over one million Facebook followers, Authority Nutrition is true to its name, an authority on all things nutrition. They feature daily articles on weight loss, nutrition, and health written by licensed nutritionists and dieticians.

Authority Nutrition uses science and research to debunk popular nutritional myths. This blog skips the medical jargon and is easy to understand.

Nutrition Blog Authorities

Mark Bittman has been writing about food since 1980. He’s been a featured columnist and op-ed writer for the New York Times for twenty years.

Bittman recently went out on his own and has written six cookbooks. He also has an excellent blog that covers everything from his love of artichokes to the importance of home cooking.

He’s well-respected in both the cooking and nutrition worlds and someone to follow for trends and ideas.

Want to Learn More About Starting a Nutrition Blog?

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