5 Blogger Tips Every Food Writer Needs

food writer

food writerFor those who love writing and eating (okay, especially eating), a food blog is a great way to combine those two interests. But, with all great things, comes hard work.

From creating the content to drawing in readers, blogging of any nature requires time and skill. Food blogging can be even more challenging as it’s a competitive field.

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But, my fellow food writer, don’t panic (unless there’s a super awesome Taco Tuesday deal we don’t know about, of course). Here are our five tips for mastering your food blog.

1. Get Specific

No, you probably don’t want topics so niche that not many can relate. But, narrowing in on certain types of food, certain specials, certain neighborhoods — that’s a good start.

Let’s say Cinco de Mayo is coming up. Tell us where we’re going to find the best queso, guacamole, or taco specials in XYZ neighborhood or city.

Honing in a specific food or specific neighborhood gives you an edge. That’s because it’s less likely to have been done before. Successful food bloggers are unique but also relatable to their audience.

2. Get Friendly With Your Fave Food Writer

Sure, food blogging is about as competitive as it gets. But, you can use this competition to gain leverage on your own blog.

Be open to working with other food writers who share similar interests/goals as you do. Ask if you can guest post on their blog, and allow them to do the same on yours.

Even sharing or promoting each other’s content on your respective pages is a great step. You both receive double the exposure.

3. Quality Over Quantity

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, you’ve probably been told that you need ongoing content to see a difference.

This is true, but if you’re putting out cruddy recipes or recommendations, you won’t get far. Your readers need to know they can trust your judgment.

It’s much better to give yourself the time to create a well-rounded, interesting post. Putting out mediocre content is the best way to lose followers.

4. Get Fancy With The Photos

You can entice someone to try a new dish by describing it. But, a surefire way to draw someone in is through appetizing photography.

There are ways a food writer can position and angle photos to look better. Avoiding flash and placing food near a well-lit window are just two of many examples.

Aesthetics are important. You’re much more likely to be lured by an article where the food looks tasty.

(Check out http://www.kettl.co/teas for some serious drink #goals and photo inspiration.)

5. Network Through Food Submission Sites

A great way to draw more attention to your blog is by submitting recipes to different food sites. Think of these sites kind of like Pinterest, except just for food.

Foodgawker and Tastespotting are great for submitting content. They have the option to accept or reject, so make sure your blog looks on point!

If you’re rejected, don’t give up. You can always edit your posts and photos and resubmit!

Where Our Food Bloggers At?

Are you an aspiring food writer but are having trouble with the ins and outs? We’ve got you covered.

Check out our tips for starting a new blog in just three steps and get started today!

Do you have any more tips for creating a stand-out blog into today’s competitive market? Share them below!