5 of the Best Digital Marketing Blogs For Businesses

best digital marketing blogs

best digital marketing blogsIn today’s digital world, it may be hard for some businesses to keep up with changing trends. If your budget doesn’t allow for a digital media specialist, you need a way to stay abreast of what’s hot.

One way to do this is by following the best digital marketing blogs.

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A lot of people will have you to believe they are gurus in this arena. Oftentimes they’re not. Don’t get caught-up in the hype and a flashy website.

If you want to know the best blogs to follow, read on for our top 5 recommendations.

1. Marketing Land

Tagged as “Digital Marketing & Martech News, Tactics and Strategies,” this site made the list because of its timely informative news.

When building a social media strategy, it is important to stay abreast of what’s trending. This website does just that. In addition, it flags important changes in the industry.

For this reason, Marketing Land made our best digital marketing blogs list.

If your marketing strategy includes purchasing display ads, check-out their article on Google’s latest move.

2. Kissmetrics

Knowing how well your digital strategy is doing requires analyzing data. One of Kissmetrics key features is helping users understand insights.

Insights are pieces of analytical data that show you how others are interacting with your digital content. It can let you know if you’re leaving an echo with your site visitor. In other words, is your message resonating with your intended target?

They also offer blogs on how to run successful email campaigns.

3. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner may be the best digital strategy blog on our list.

If your goal is to develop a social media strategy across multiple platforms this is the site for you.  They provide insightful strategy on how to leverage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

Each year they offer a free Social Media Marketing Industry Report that is a must have among digital strategists.

4. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing made our list because it deals with building a content marketing team.

Your business may not have a budget for an outside marketing strategist. That doesn’t mean you can’t train individuals already on your staff to do specific tasks.

Follow the Content Marketing blog to learn tips of the trade that can make you or your team brand strategist.

5. Best Digital Marketing Blogs Are Not Complete Without The Moz

The Moz Blog offers great info on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To reach your blog, internet users most likely got there through Google. Blogs on Moz will show you best SEO practices. You also get tips on how to get your website at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The Moz also offer blogs on auditing your competitiveness in your local market.

One more tip. If you are looking for the best digital marketing blogs on the international front try the Digital Agency Network. They have a unique search engine you may find useful.

Start Blogging Today

Digital marketing is big business and a necessity. Now it’s time to chart your strategy and make your presence known in the digital sphere.

Are you just breaking into the world of blogging? Check out the best free blogging sites here to help get you started.