5 Awesome Tips For Marketing Your Adult Escort Website

adult escort website

Nationwide estimates have suggested that escort services account for nearly ?9 billion of the annual GDP in the UK. A steadily increasing share of that customer base comes through adult escort websites.

Once you’ve got your adult entertainment site up and running, your first thought may be to post ads on escort directory sites. This is a great place to start. High traffic directory sites are meant to bring business to your site.

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With the amount of money you could be generating by attracting the right kind of traffic, marketing is as important as anyone on your team. If you want to grow your business, follow these 5 tips on marketing your adult escort website.

1. Find the Right Forums

Don’t confuse quantity for quality. Lots of forums boast membership or the amounts of posts they get in a given week. These could be services offering the same kind of quality you offer or they could be one-off newbies.

Allow your adult escort website to stand out from the crowd.

Find the community where your service specializes in. If you offer services in a smaller metro area, you might not benefit from hits coming from halfway around the world.

Get yourself involved with local escort communities through message boards that allow you to post your website, promotions and contact information. Be involved in the conversation, especially if you find a message board with users based in your area.

Post articles that could interest potential clients. Anything informative that builds the conversation around your specialties will help build your company’s brand authority.

2. Build Your Personalities

Your customers want to build a personal connection to your talent. With so much competition in the escort industry, it’s the personality of your escorts that will get repeat customers and build a new base through referrals.

Personal websites allow visitors to get to know the person they’re looking to hire. Trust is very important in building a connection with escort services. Unlike in other industries where personality comes second to the company brand, adult escort websites rely on their talent for identity.

Pages that list likes, dislikes, favorite art, books, and movies will forge a connection that many people look for when hiring an escort. Use examples from galleries on other sites like Angels of London and their gallery page linking to bios for every escort.

Once you’ve built an established roster of escorts, ask them to create social media accounts separate from their personal accounts. Have someone on staff or hire an outside consultant to help them build their own pages and profiles.

Social media is how most companies connect with their customer base and your adult escort website should be no different. Post pictures and videos to help your escorts stand out. Be aware of terms of usage and stay within the boundaries to stay connected.

3. Video is Number One

With video now accounting for almost three-quarters of all internet traffic, your adult escort website should be taking this trend into account.

Whether you’re posting promotional videos or behind the scenes clips from photo shoots, you should have videos to accompany everyone on your roster. Include in each video what your escorts specialize to pique interest from clients.

Escort videos can give your clients an idea of what to expect through a more robust view of who they are hiring. Seeing them move can excite potential customers and turn visitors into clients at a higher rate than still galleries.

Instagram now allows 60-second videos, but for social media, most people only watch the first few seconds. Make sure the first few seconds of your videos are energetic enough to keep viewers glued to their screen.

4. Search Like A Client

Every adult escort website should know the most important search terms for their site and include them in the metadata. But are you working on building your local SEO footprint?

Local Search Engine Optimization takes into account what users are searching for to find your site. This is especially important in the escort business because local train stops, landmarks, and neighborhood names usually accompany searches.

Go onto search engines and use the terms most important to your business. If your first inclination is to type “male escorts Notting Hill”, see which sites come up first in your search. These are your main competitors in the SEO game.

Hire an SEO expert to find out what their metadata says and make sure you’re using the same keywords they use. Be sure that your site looks as good as your competitors while standing out from the pack.

You’ve got the talent, just be sure that clients can find you.

5. Trade Links Like It’s 1998

Part of your marketing research entails finding out who your competitors are, as well as the most competitive sites in different markets.

When dealing with competitors, make a spreadsheet listing the ones who have the highest quality sites. Draft a generic email proposition for webmasters and write them about trading links.

Now move on to sites in other markets. Write a separate email to these companies asking which message boards and online communities they follow. If there’s something central and relevant, link yourself to those sites as well. Ask if you can trade links when relevant because you never know where their customer base could travel to.

It may surprise you that, despite all the competition in the adult escort website market, many sites are committed to building a community for the purposed of talent building and sharing information.

Market Your Adult Escort Website Like A Pro

The key to marketing is to stay on top of trends as they happen.

Be sure that your site looks good on phones and tablets as well as desktops. Many customers will order services from mobile devices while on a trip. If they can’t see the kind of talent you’ve got, they’ll move on.

Pros know the importance of connection in this industry. Social media, online communities and company blogs are the cornerstones of marketing. Using strong platforms will help you stay relevant and solidify your place in the adult escort website market.