5 Addiction Bloggers to Follow During Recovery


recoveryThere are many different ways to seek help while battling addiction. One method of therapy that is often overlooked is following addiction bloggers online.

Blogs can be a great resource for anyone struggling with addiction. They provide a window into someone else’s experience and can help readers overcome their feelings of isolation.

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Over 23 million Americans aged 12 or older need treatment for illicit drug or alcohol abuse. That means there are a lot of addiction stories out there just waiting to be read.

One way to stay motivated during recovery is to follow the stories of those who’ve been there. Let’s take a look at 5 inspiring addiction bloggers to follow. Read on to learn more.


The road to recovery is not an easy one. It’s important for addicts to use every resource at their disposal.

The best addiction bloggers provide addicts with tips for success during recovery. They can give firsthand accounts of what worked and what didn’t during their experience with addiction.

Readers can get access to stories they might not otherwise hear. They also get access to advice that might seem impersonal coming from addiction specialists.

Seeking help with Compass Recovery and other rehabilitation centers is the first step. Addiction blogs can help during the next stages of recovery.

The Sobriety Collective

Looking for a new support group? Look no further than The Sobriety Collective.

This online collective is focused on creating a community of sober people. The author, Laura, focuses on creating a hub for people in recovery. Laura herself is a recovering addict who was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning twice in two years before finally getting sober.

Laura uses her story as an inspiration to others by talking about her struggles. The site is chock full of blog posts, podcasts, and in depth profiles created by others in recovery. All of the addiction bloggers come from some sort of creative background, making this a fun and interesting site for anyone in recovery.

The Fix

The Fix is one part addiction blog and one part encyclopedia on all things addiction.

This site includes all sorts of articles providing the latest information on addiction. It has everything from information on treatment methods to personal guidance.

The Fix is also a great blog for those just starting their road to recovery. Readers can get rehab reviews, tips on living sober, and treatment center on the site.

Others can get addiction information from the “ask an expert” section. Those looking for personal stories can access their large feature section with posts from all sorts of addicts.

It’s a go to among addicts looking for up to date tips on staying sober.

Addiction Inbox

Drink coffee to sober up. Alcohol provides a natural coat. You can drive if you aren’t showing signs of intoxication.

This blog myth-busts this and other misconceptions about drinking. The blog is filled with articles that are aimed to make readers more knowledgeable on addiction.

Popular posts cover everything from feature stories to debates and scientific studies. It’s no wonder that this blog gets accolades for being one of the best alcoholism blogs on the net.

The fact based blog also has an emotional resonance for readers. There are many articles about drinking’s impact on loved ones and how to overcome triggers.

A Hangover Free Life

A Hangover Free Life sounds pretty appealing. But don’t think this site is all about a catchy name. It’s also filled with great content.

This blog is filled with information for people on every step of their sober journey. Addicts looking to go clean can use the “thinking about stopping” section for tips on getting clean. Other sections include tips on moderating drinking, staying clean, and what to do in the event of a relapse.

A Hangover Free Life is the brainchild of a public health nurse and former addict. She provides personal stories about overcoming addiction while using her medical expertise to give advice.

This blog also includes a wealth of webinars and interviews from experts and addicts alike.


Shatterproof is a great resource for anyone looking for extra motivation to stay sober. It’s also a go to addiction blog for families.

That’s because it’s run by a non-profit dedicated to ending the devastation addiction brings to families. The blog includes addiction related tips on taking action, seeking treatment, and how to get informed.

This blog includes inspiring messages and recovery tools to help addicts and their loved ones during difficult times. Devoted readers can even give back by getting involved in their community and helping with fundraising efforts.

The Next Step for Addiction Bloggers

The best addiction blogs inspire hope and help to those struck by addiction.

So why not consider starting one yourself? Do you want to write about your experiences with addiction? Check out our website today to get started!