4 WordPress Plugins Used by the Top Review Sites

top review sites

top review sitesOne of the beauties of WordPress is the flexibility offered by its plugins. You can customize your website in almost unlimited ways.

The plugins are also a downside since there are so many to choose from.

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WordPress currently has over 40,000 plugins in its plugin directory – and those are just the free ones.

If you want to add a review site to your business, how do you know which of those plugins to use? Choosing the same plugins as the top review sites will give you a great start in building your own review site.

Read on to learn which 4 plugins the top review sites use.

1. WordPress Review Site Builder

This is a free plugin and it expands the WordPress admin interface to include a ‘review’ content type.

Within the separate Review interface, you can write your title and description. Add an affiliate link, the price, and give a rating.

You can even choose whether you want to list reviews in a table or a layout like Pinterest.

WordPress Review Site Builder also works with all themes because it uses its own templates.

2. WP Review

If you’re happy to spend money (and the top review sites do) then the WP Review Pro plugin is a good bet.

Like WordPress Review Site Builder, it pulls a review option into the admin interface.

You can add both author and user ratings. The plugin will tally all visitor votes to give a final total on the review page.

Reviews can be overall or per feature. You can also embed reviews into posts or pull them into your chosen theme.

Best of all, WP Review uses Schema.org markup to add the correct data to your review. That means Google can use your reviews in its snippet results.

3. WP Product Review

Not to be confused with #2, WP Product Review has a free option as well as a premium version. Like WP Review, it also adds schema markup to your review to help Google find it.


  • where you want the review to display
  • whether you want to let users add comments
  • how many pros and cons are displayed
  • what color ratings get

You can also insert affiliate links on the ‘buy’ buttons to earn commissions from your reviews.

The review feature works in tandem with your regular blog posts.

4. Taqyeem

Tagyeem gives you a lot of choices when it comes to how you use it. You can turn ordinary posts or pages into dedicated reviews. Best Comparer gives good examples for how these full page reviews can look.

Or you can add a summary of your review to a post. It’s up to you whether you use stars, points, or percentages as a rating system. Readers can leave their own ratings.

It uses Google Fonts to give you greater flexibility in typography choices. Change its colors to match the branding of your site.

You can also use its widgets to display your reviews on other parts of your site.

Like the other plugin options, it adds schema markup to keep Google happy.

The Top Review Sites Use Plugins like These.

Using any of these plugins means you can create a review site within a matter of minutes. You can easily share your thoughts with customers and earn commissions through affiliate programs.

Let me know if you use any of these review plugins, or if you have any other recommendations.