4 Tips for Monetizing Your Fitness Blog

fitness blog

It is no surprise that in 2017 blogging success stories are common. Fitness gurus around the globe are making money off of their fitness websites. Knowing how to monetize a blog can get you started on your path toward monetary success.

There are more resources now than ever that can help you bring money in from your fitness blog. The fitness industry is booming. It’s a growing niche that is bringing in millions of followers every year.

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From fitness plans that can be purchased through your blog and advertising sales, there are many ways you can start making a buck off of your passion. Health conscious individuals are propelling fitness instructors into massive fitness empires.

How to start making money off your blog? Follow these 4 tips to start seeing a return on your fitness investment:

1. Create a Schedule

If you want to start bringing enough traffic to your blog that will get the attention of advertisers, then it’s time to create a consistent content schedule. With a niche like fitness, your fitness blog has to maintain new posts on a regular basis.

Create a plan on how often you are going to post and stick to it. Consider making a goal. If you’re just starting out, content will be everything. Try to publish as many posts as you can so your blog can be full.

No matter the season or how busy you may be, you need to set a goal of at least four posts a week and maintain that schedule. It’s a commitment, but you won’t monetize your blog if you don’t have fresh recurring content.

However, you can’t just post any content.

2. Make It Quality

Content quality is extremely important for a fitness blog. Especially for health-related nieces, your content has to be well researched and credible. Giving health advice to people is a serious thing.

Don’t just be passionate about fitness, be an expert. Knowing all you can will make your posts valuable to your readers. Attend courses and get the necessary certificates needed so you can back up your posts with credit.

Each post needs to be entertaining, engaging, and helpful to your audience.

3. Research Keywords for your Fitness Blog

You may think that choosing the most popular keywords is going to drive traffic to your blog but think again. The most popular keyword search spaces will be taken up by the bigger sites and companies.

You need to drive new traffic to your blog with long tail, specific keywords that don’t rank as high. Don’t worry, this will still bring unique traffic to your fitness blog. Do your keyword research.

4. Promote

Use social media to start promoting your blog to get traffic. This, in turn, will bring in people to buy your product and get your ad space bought up.

Use a campaign that is clever, funny, and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure your posts are shareable too. Use apps and consider SEO placement and rankings to promote your site.

A Good Place to Start

If you are ready to start making money off your blog, follow these simple tips. Consider keywords and SEO rankings. Make sure your content is well researched and valuable.

Post often and post quality content and you’ll be sure to garner a following worthy of massive sales. When you’re ready to start the blog of your dreams, start here for free.