4 Pawesome Tips for Vet Clinic Blog Graphics You Need Right Meow

blog graphics

blog graphicsThinking about starting a blog for your vet clinic? Do you know how to make blog graphics that truly stand out?

In addition to attracting new visitors to your website, there are many reasons for blogging you may not have considered. However, to create a successful blog for your veterinary clinic, you need to make it look amazing.

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Using professionally-designed blog graphics will demand attention and attract potential clients. Below are our top tips for creating great graphics on your vet clinic blog.

1. Get the Right Images for Your Blog Graphics

First of all, it’s important to find the right images to use on your blog.

Believe it or not, it’s easy to find great stock images to use without spending a dime. There’s no need to take a photography course or develop extensive photography skills.

There are many stock image sites that allow you to use the images of professional photographers for free.

Stock image sites such as Unsplash contain images that are both royalty-free and attribution-free. This allows you to use the images you find in any way you wish.

2. Make Use of Image Overlays

Once you have an excellent image, you’ll want to use some basic photo editing techniques to create standout graphics. As a local vet clinic, for example, a few simple overlays may be all you need to stand out from your competition.

Consider adding borders, layers, or overlapping banners to your image. You could also use professional fonts and simple icons to create striking blog graphics.

3. Perfect Your Text

You’ll also want to find the best font to use for your designs.

Take your time to carefully look through different font options. Choose the one that meshes well with your image, your overlay features, and your overall website design.

Consider using a variety of text sizes in your image to create visual contrasts. You may also attempt different text colors to create a unique look for your blog post cover image.

4. Make It Your Own

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the three tips above, you’ll probably want to go even further with your blog images.

The next step is to create graphics that go well with your overall site design and vet branding.

Consider adding appropriate logos to any graphics you create. This will help to build the brand of your veterinary clinic. Keep in mind that people may be sharing your images, so you’ll want these to lead back to your site.

You should also think about the color scheme you use for your graphics. Consider using a consistent color scheme across your blog, your website, and any graphics you design.

Final Thoughts

Blog graphics can transform a mediocre blog into an amazing resource that visitors come back to week after week. By adding professional graphics to your blog, you can attract new visitors to your site and new clients to your clinic.

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