4 Common Workplace Issues Startups Should Prepare For

Workplace Issues for Startups

As the owner of a start-up, you probably spend your days thinking about marketing, getting new clients, and growing your business.

You may not be thinking of potential workplace issues; however, at every company, there will be problems in the workplace that need to be resolved. Every company has its own culture and problems, but some problems are common in every company and culture.

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If you are a business owner or are going to start a business, here are several common workplace issues you’ll probably experience in your workplace.

1. Ineffective Communication

Studies show 69% of managers are bad at communicating with staff and 91% of employees think their managers are bad at communication. These statistics show there is a problem with communication in the workplace. Poor communication is the foundation for most workplace issues, making it one of the most important problems to handle right away. 

By creating a company communication policy, you can have employees who are great at communicating.

2. Lack of Accountability

Have you ever worked at a job where some employees worked and others got away with not working at all? This is a common problem that is caused by managers who are not quite sure how to manage their team properly.  A lack of accountability is a big deal because it eventually leads to low morale and expensive employee turnover.

A quick solution to this problem is to ensure management is trained and qualified for the job.

3. Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behavior in the workplace is a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away. There are all kinds of inappropriate behavior, such as:

  • Retaliation for speaking up
  • Bullying co-workers
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Sexual harassment 

These types of behaviors create an uncomfortable work environment and cause real legal trouble, like a sexual harassment case. You can reduce the risks of having a hostile work environment by having your employees take sensitivity training and Sexual Harassment Training.

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A zero-tolerance rule is also something you may want to implement for inappropriate behavior. 

4. Interpersonal Conflicts

The ideal workplace is filled with people from many backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Everyone has their style of doing things and everyone seems to think their way is the “right” way. This can cause conflicts between employees, which can be tricky to handle, but employee conflicts must be resolved right away. 

While problems between employees are normal, it’s best to have a gameplan for how you will handle them. Using conflict resolution tips and tricks is a great way to help resolve issues between employees. 

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These Are Some of the Common Workplace Issues to Expect as a Startup 

As a startup, you can expect to deal with one or more of these common workplace issues, probably sooner rather than later. 

The good news is, making sure your company has a culture of open communication is one of the best ways to prevent most of the common workplace problems today. For more serious issues, like inappropriate behavior, you can use specialized training and resources to deal with situations as they come up.

Overall, being prepared for these problems will help you and your staff handle them better when they occur.

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