4 Calming and Unique WordPress Themes You’ll Love

unique wordpress themes

unique wordpress themesOut of the billions of web pages on the internet – how does your website stand out from the rest?

As a new business or an up-and-coming blogger, you’ll be looking for a website that is both professional and unique.

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But, you are probably bound by a budget, right?

With the sheer amount of unique WordPress themes available, making a decision on a template can be overwhelming.

One thing is for sure:

If you grab any template without putting any extra effort, your website is going to look like the rest!

In this blog, we introduce you to four unique WordPress themes you’ll love, and offer simple tips on how to make your website stand out from the rest.

Our Top 4 Unique WordPress Themes

1. Soigne

Ideal for bloggers, this theme is a minimalist’s dream. This simple, elegant layout combines both form and function.

Featuring a sidebar plugin which shows popular blog posts, this theme also features boxes which break up bodies of text neatly and simply.

With a beautiful slider as the main feature of the website, this theme has been designed with a high conversion rate in mind!

2. Typology

This is a theme perfect for bloggers who just want to write, and not fret about choosing the perfect images!

The basis of this design is off beautiful, unique selections of typography set against bold blocks of color.

Easily navigable, this is the type of theme which looks striking even without images.

3. TheM

TheM is ideal for bloggers or businesses based in a more creative field, yet still want to keep things simple.

This theme makes room for plenty of images which translate your brand, with small blocks of text to say just enough about your services.

This theme would perfectly suit travel, fashion, lifestyle or even cooking blogs or businesses.

4. Elitemag

If there were any theme to translate your brand aesthetic clearly and concisely, it would be with the Elitemag theme.

Bold and bright, yet clean and simple, this theme is comprised of large, high-resolution images, broken up into individual sections of functionality.

This theme is ideal for businesses or blogs based in the following sectors:

  • Decor and design
  • Architecture
  • Lifestyle
  • Home DIY
  • Fashion
  • Photography

How to Create a Unique Website with WordPress

1. Stay True to your Company Brand

What use is it creating a website that doesn’t translate what you do as a business?

The branding of your website is probably your most important aspect to consider.

Avoid trying to fit into a ‘cookie cutter’ mold of what you think is trending!

Stick to your guns and maintain the theme, aesthetic and vibe of your business throughout your website.

A good way to do this?

Echo the colors of your brand and logo when customizing your website.

When choosing any one of the above unique WordPress themes, you can fully customize your color palette.

For a great example of a unique website which matches the aesthetic of a company itself, the team over at https://www.medicalspasoftware.com have truly nailed it.

3. Customize Your Images

This is just as important as echoing the colors of your branding and logo.

Don’t stick with the stock photos supplied with your WordPress template, choose your own and create a unique website, true to your business.

If you have the budget, work with a photographer on creating customized images to match your brand.

4. Switch up Your Fonts

Don’t shy away from experimenting with unique fonts throughout your website or blog.

But remember, too many variations of font can’t make things look a little messy.

Keep things simple and stick to the same fonts for headers and menu tags, and then a different font for body text.

Master the Art of Blog and Website Creation

In today’s day and age, just about anyone can create their own blog or website.

But keep in mind that if it doesn’t translate who you are as a business, it won’t be of much use to you!

The fundamentals to creating a stand-out blog or website are simple, and can easily be achieved with a clear vision and a little creativity!

Make a statement and create a unique masterpiece which truly supports the vision of your business.