The 4 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO for Your Hypnosis Blog

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seo pluginsAs a hypnosis blogger and practitioner, your goal is to share the countless benefits of hypnosis with as many people as possible.

But without developing and implementing a serious SEO strategy for your blog, you simply won’t see the kind of readership — nor the number of clients — you want.

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Luckily, the right WordPress SEO Plugins can help you to grow your audience, get more clicks, and increase conversions.

Here, we’ll tell you the 4 tools you can’t live without.

1. Yoast’s WordPress SEO

You’ve worked hard to earn your various hypnosis certifications. This plugin increases your clout, so your work doesn’t go to waste.

It’s known as a one-stop-shopping center for all things SEO. It helps you to integrate your social media accounts, creates sitemaps, and even assists in getting your blog indexed.

This is your “desert island” plugin — but it’s not the only one you need.

2. SEO Smart Links Plugin

This is another crucial addition to our list of the top SEO plugins, as its focus is mainly on on-page optimization.

This plugin provides invaluable keyword lists, which will save you tons of time during your research phase. Additionally, it helps you to automatically link past blog posts to these keywords.

It does this whether you’re commenting on another industry blog, or if you’re writing a post for your hypnosis blog. That way, not only will you boost your SEO score, your readers will be able to easily find the comment or post you’re referencing.

3. SEO Friendly Images Plugin

In today’s world, the images you include on your blog are often just as crucial as your written content when it comes to your SEO strategy.

Google and other search engines frequently “crawl” images for keywords and other information. If your images aren’t formatted correctly, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to bring more traffic to your hypnosis blog.

Use this plugin to add automatic “Alt” tags to your images (be aware, you’ll still be responsible for naming the image.)

4. Broken Link Checker

Even SEO novices know that blogs live and die by their links.

You’ve likely worked hard to ensure you include quality links to relevant blogs and websites throughout your content. Perhaps you’ve even reached out to other hypnosis bloggers and have asked them to link back to your blog.

But part of doing your due-diligence when it comes to link-building is checking for broken links. If your blog contains too many, you’ll fall in search engine rankings.

However, you likely don’t have time to check every link you’ve ever included multiple times a week. Luckily, this plugin does — that’s what makes it a must-have.

Take Advantage Of These WordPress SEO Plugins Today

Thanks to this post, you can add these 4 WordPress SEO Plugins to your arsenal of blogging tools.

Of course, plugins alone won’t replace quality content, the right domain name, and frequent interaction with your fellow bloggers and followers.

For more on how to get the most out of your hypnosis blog, and tips on how to grow your reach organically, spend some time on our website.