3 Traffic Monetization Tips for Elite Token Businesses

traffic monetization

Did you know that you could be leaving hundreds — even thousands — of dollars on the table in your token business every day?

“How”, you ask?

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Many businesses don’t realize how important it is to optimize the potential of monetizing all the people who visit their online platforms.

You could be letting tons of potential customers slip away if you don’t take the time to put beneficial systems set in place.

Read the tips below if you want to learn how to enhance your profits by taking advantage of traffic monetization for you token business.

1. Add Some Non-Intrusive Popups

Pop-ups are a classic capture method.

And there are plenty ways to get people to put their email addresses into the pop-ups.

You can offer a free gift or coupon code in exchange. Or you can promise to sign them up for amazing emails delivered to their inboxes.

Although there’s proof this method is beneficial for businesses, be sure not to bombard your visitors with too many intrusive popups during a certain time frame of them visiting your website.

Whatever you use to reel them in, be sure to make the catch.

Why? Because building your email list with people who are more likely to buy from you.

And who are more likely to buy from you than the people who have already visited your website?

When it’s time to launch a product or have a big sale, for instance, you’ll be able to have an extensive list of interested persons to engage with at your disposal.

The old cliche phrase “the money is in the list” has not lost its truth to date!

2. Catch Them on the Way Out with Exit Popups

Although these are still popups, exit-intent popups allow you to add a little more pressure to the visitor before they leave your site.

Here are a few ways to change their minds before they leave your site:

  • Offer them a highly desirable discount
  • Show the potential customer other products that are relevant to the one they’re viewing (test different price points)
  • Present a time-sensitive offer for a discounted rate
  • Remind visitors about items in their cart that they haven’t completed the purchase on

Exit popups are a great way to send friendly reminders to your visitors to buy from your token business and to increase traffic monetization in your business.

Check out The Token Shop if you want to see a great example of how you can monetize your online token business.

3. Produce Great Content…With Links!

It’s a no-brainer that content is king for online businesses.

One of the reasons why great content can help with traffic monetization is because it not only allows customers to know, like and trust you, it also helps with linking to various pages and products on your website.

The more clicks you get on a post, the higher the chance of someone clicking an internal link that leads to your products and buying from you.

Make More Money with Traffic Monetization

The last thing you want to do is let a potential customer leave your website without presenting them with multiple offers and opportunities to stick around.

Even if they aren’t buying from you at that moment, you don’t want to let them go forever.

Make sure you create an online relationship with the visitors on your site by getting their contact information to continue and grow the connection.

Stop leaving money on the table in your token business today by trying these steps!