3 Tips to Monetize Your Babyblog


Your blog is set up, you’re generating content that interests you, and then you go to check your analytics.

You’ve only made about $10 per month.

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Now you find yourself asking, “How can I make money?”

The blog you’ve made is a babyblog. You’re crazy about babies, and you want to share your tips, tricks, and know-how to everyone who will stop and listen.

Here are three tips that can help you make some revenue off your blog.

You’ll Need a Community

The most critical factor to any blog is the community.

Without an audience, you won’t be able to generate any profit at all.

The first thing you need to do is look at your blog and see if it has a specific focus.

People looking for help with their babies may see an article on sleep regression in babies and 8 month sleep regression signs. They’ll think it’s an informative babyblog.

Then they find articles about movies or fashion in your blog. Those people, who could have been loyal viewers, will leave without bookmarking your blog.

After all, how credible can a blog be if there are articles on just about everything?

Maintain a specific focus for your blog. People looking for information about that focus will see your blog and will keep coming back for more if they like what they read.

But, what if people don’t like what they read?

That may be because the quality of content on your blog, just isn’t right.

Instead of focusing on writing quality articles, you had the idea that churning out articles and focusing on quantity would be better.

Yes, while keeping your blog active is a good idea, allowing the quality of your articles to drop isn’t worth the sacrifice.

When visitors can start pointing out all the errors, whether factual or grammatical, they’ll start questioning the authority of your blog and will look for another blog to get their advice.

When both you and visitors are satisfied with the quality of your blog’s content, you can start focusing on building your community.

There are several ways you can build your community.

One of the most significant ways is through social media.

Promoting your blog through social media can generate more traffic. In fact, people may find your social media accounts before they find your blog itself.

Having links to your blog on your social media accounts can direct those interested in the information to your articles.

Now that you’ve grown your community, you can start thinking about how to monetize your babyblog.


You have a great community of loyal readers, and now you want to bump up the revenue you make off of your blog.

You can do this with advertisements, YouTube, sponsorships, affiliates, and even donations.

You can have advertisements in two different ways.

The first method is advertising directly on your blog. In this method, you’ll likely have ad banners somewhere on the sides of the page or somewhere in the middle of the blog page itself.

Advertising on your blog can be helpful, primarily if the ads are related to the focus of your blog.

Be careful with ad banners because too many can slow down your blog and irritate your community.

Of course, if you do decide to run advertisements on your blog be watchful if ad blocking software becomes too detrimental to continue this option.

The second method for advertising is through YouTube.

YouTube allows you to monetize and include ads on any or all of your videos.

This method works best if you have any additional information or information that you want to display in a YouTube video.

YouTube, like other social media platforms, is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Social media also provides the opportunity for sponsors, which are individuals or companies that will pay you to advertise their services or products on either your blog or social media accounts.

You may even want to look into affiliate marketing and how that can be beneficial to your blog.

However, if you don’t want to consider advertising just yet, there is another option.

Selling Content

Selling content to your community who already enjoy what you have to say can generate revenue without advertisements or affiliate links.

Think about publishing a book or an eBook that readers can download for a fee.

People come to your babyblog because they need all the help they can get when trying to understand their toddlers.

Selling a book or eBook allows you to go into even more detail on babies and cover a broader range of topics than an article would.

Or, if you don’t think you have the content for a book, you can sell coaching and consulting services.

Just like how they sound you would be coaching or giving advice to people, which not only allows for more personable contact but helps you better understand what your audience wants to know the most.


How you want to monetize your blog and how you get there will be entirely up to you.

Take a good long look at your blog and where you want to be with revenue before you start making any decisions.

But if you ever have any questions feel free to contact us.