3 Things To Consider When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

3 Things To Consider When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

How clean you keep your workplace can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

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A clean workplace is going to boost employee morale, prevent employees from taking sick days, and help you avoid workers’ compensation cases. If you don’t have the time to pull employees off the job to keep your business clean, then you’ll need to hire a commercial cleaning service.

Not all commercial cleaning services are of the same quality. In this post, we’re going to help you separate the wheat from the chaff by telling you 3 things that you should consider when hiring a cleaning service. A quality cleaner will ensure your business is a healthy place to work, so keep reading and find one that makes sense for you.

1. Online Ratings and Reviews

The first thing to look at is their reputation in the cleaning industry. A good commercial cleaning company will have a strong reputation with their current and former customers. The best way to check this is by looking at online ratings and reviews on sites like Google, BBB, and Yelp.

If there are any concerns about the quality of the service or conduct on the job, you’ll find out in the reviews. A company with a lot of praise and a high average star rating is one that you can trust to clean your business.

2. What Services They Provide

What services are on offer is another important thing to consider. It all depends on what type of business you run and the environment they’ll be expected to clean. If the company has the equipment to deal with basic office cleaning, but you’ve got a warehouse with heavy machinery and hazardous chemicals, it’s not a great fit.

Always look for a wide range of services and don’t be afraid to ask what equipment they have. A good cleaning company will have an industrial vacuum cleaner, a floor buffer, glass cleaning equipment, organic cleaning chemicals, and various other items. If they don’t have what you need, then keep looking.

3. Certifications, Insurance, Experience

Commercial janitorial services should always be equipped with industry certifications and the workers should be experienced. You can look at their website to see how long they’ve been in business, but if their certifications aren’t displayed, you’ll have to ask about them.

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Some of the top certifications include:

  • OSHA Safety and Health Specialist Certification
  • Custodial Technician Certification
  • Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Business Certification
  • GBAC Star Certifications
  • Custodial Technician/Supervisor Certifications

In addition, make sure that any commercial cleaner that you hire is equipped with the proper insurance. They should have general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and janitorial bonds. If they don’t have these, you could be on the hook for any injuries that occur to the cleaning staff.

Commercial Cleaning Makes Your Business Better

Be mindful of these things and you’ll be able to find a great commercial cleaner for your office or warehouse. Commercial cleaning makes your business a better place to work, so it’s worth your time and money to find one that has the reputation and experience to do the job.

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