3 Essential Elements of a Content Development Strategy

Content Development Strategy

About 20% of new businesses fail within their first two years. One of the biggest reasons why is that their marketing strategy isn’t strong enough to generate leads. 

That’s where content development comes in. By creating a constant stream of blog posts and videos, you keep your company relevant. 

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There are three major elements of a good content strategy. You will need to think about your goals, do your research, and decide on your core topics. 

That might seem a lot easier said than done. Check out this quick guide to learn how to develop your content marketing strategy and start generating customer leads. 

1. Goals 

Like any good marketing strategy, content development begins with having goals in mind. The general rule of thumb is to start small but be specific. 

Maybe you want to start by generating more leads, or you need to drive traffic to your website.

Once you have your goals written down, it’s time to build your content marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the same types of content that work to build web traffic won’t help you generate leads. You need may need to tackle all your goals separately. 

This being said, it’s perfectly acceptable to have more than one goal. As long as you can create specialized content for all of them, you’ll hit them. 

2. Research

Now that you know why you’re producing content, it’s time to do your research. Start by studying your target audience.

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Who are you making blog posts and videos for? What do they do for a living? How old are they?

You can send out surveys to get an answer to these questions and more. 

If you’re going to be writing blog posts, you’ll need to target relevant keywords. These are phrases that Google looks for when someone runs a search. If you go for more information here, you’ll notice that bad keywords can drag down the content ranking. 

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Take a moment to find out what your competition is doing. While you should never copy their tactics, you can get quite a bit of inspiration from them.

3. Core Topics 

As you’ll find out, research is one of the most useful content marketing tools when you’re figuring out the messages you want to share with your audience. 

Take a minute to think about what sort of topics will help you meet your goals. You’ll then use your research to decide how your audience will respond to those topics and how you can make your content rank. 

The Elements of a Good Content Development Strategy 

If you want to keep your company relevant and generate leads, you’re going to need to concentrate on content development. 

If you don’t come up with a set of solid goals and do your research, you won’t be able to decide on topics that your target audience cares about. The second you lose their interest is the second they turn to your competitors. 

For more marketing tips that will help you stay ahead, explore the rest of our blog. 

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