11 New Web Design Trends to Incorporate in 2020

Web Design Trends Visualized

If you have a poorly designed website, you could be losing a lot of interest from your visitors, which in turn, turns away customers and could cost you a lot of money. 

Studies show that you have only 50 milliseconds, (0.05 seconds) for viewers to form an opinion about your website. From this moment, they will decide if they want to purchase your products or services, or if they will look elsewhere. 

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Keeping up to date with new web design trends will give you an insider tip as to what is currently working for the major successful websites.

Websites that are hard to navigate, slow to load, or seem unnatural tend to have a higher bounce rate and lower traffic. 

So the problem is, how do you know what the new web design trends are, so you can draw visitors in, and avoid losing potential customers?

Thankfully, we have those answers! Keep on reading to learn more about the best new web design trends.

1. Vintage Inspired Colors

Many website designers are catching onto the fact that drawing in emotions will help to attract many visitors. They are doing this by using certain photos and typography that evokes a feeling of nostalgia.

To achieve this, use soft, earthy tones and bright colors with photos that display a connection between people. It’s something that causes a visitor to go down memory lane. 

2. Minimalism

A minimalistic design is something that will continue on as one of the top design trends for websites for years to come. Due to the digital information age, our minds are so busy, that looking at busy images can actually evoke anxiety in some people’s minds.

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Having a simplistic, type of design will go a long way for your business. Use a white background to calm the mind of your audience and create an easy-reading style to keep them sticking around.

3. Black and White

The black and white web design is similar to the minimalistic style in the way that it is simplistic and easy to read. 

Black and white promote a feeling of ease and calmness in your audience’s minds, as color can feel distracting and overwhelming if not used correctly.

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In addition, the black and white design looks very professional and contemporary. This would not be the right design for you if your brand is about high energy or uplifting people, though.

4. Photos with Illustrations

One of the best new web design trends is the combination of photos with 3D graphics. This creates a fun, unique, and personal flavor to your website that no other website will have. 

Use the illustration to replace part of the photo, or combine them together to create a unique mixture of real-life and illustration like a comic book.

5. Retro Design

The 60s are back in style, but this time it isn’t bell-bottom jeans, it is for your website! 

Certain retro themes include a minor fuzzy background, think like a retro-camera. Also, include dull colors, black and white design, basic geometric patterns.

6. Simple Line Art

Ever since illustrative videos and doodles became mainstream for marketing, line art made a huge comeback. This is much more than just drawing stick men, so make sure you hire the right website and graphic designer who knows this style well.

Websites that include hand-drawn and line-art illustrations are fun, neat, creative, and come across as very professional.

7. Dark Mode

Similar to the minimalistic white mode, the dark mode is also making a huge comeback. Dark mode allows designs and elements to “pop” up a little more, especially if you use a website with brighter colors. 

A major benefit of using dark mode is the visual ergonomic techniques like reducing the eye strain for your visitors. White backgrounds and busy designs can cause a lot of eye strain, so by eliminating that, you create a sense of ease for your audience, thus, keeping them around longer!

8. 3D Visuals

Another top new web design trend is using a variety of 3D visuals. 3D illustrations are fun, super creative, and very catching to the eye.

The lack of technology in the past made it hard for many to add 3D visuals to their websites, however, now thanks to new innovative technology, you can now add the 3D flavor to your website.

This now opens doors of opportunity for 3D experiences via your website. For example, if you are a real estate agent, this will allow you to offer 3D virtual walkthroughs to your clients of potential houses to purchase.

The opportunities with 3D visuals are just getting started, and it is a very exciting time for web developers to include this brand new technology.

9. Luminous and Glowing Colors

Using glowing and luminous color schemes offers a futuristic feel to your website. Blending neon colors like purple, blue, and hot pink with a darker background will create a very attractive tone to your website.

Another term for this is duo-tone, which is the use of opposing colors to create an almost glow in the dark feel. This type of design works perfectly for designers, artists, and technology websites. 

10. Easy Navigation With Videos

Move over written content, video content is the new king of marketing these days. As of 2020, video content will be taking over text description as a way to draw in customers and provide an easy reading experience.

A simple design with easy to navigate buttons will allow your viewers to feel less overwhelmed and more prone to watch your videos.

11. Moving Animations

Typically, most animations are something that plays on its own on the screen without our initiative. This new web design trend creates an interactive-like experience that puts the viewer in control of the animation with their cursor.

Learn More About New Web Design Trends of the Future

There you have it! The best new web design trends of 2020, and definitely for years to come. Remember to choose a style that aligns with your business and the overall tone of your brand.

If you found this article useful, check out more like this in the design and marketing section of our blog!

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